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Elevate your water drinking experience and say no to plastic by ordering 1 WATER and having it delivered to your Austin home or office within 24hrs of ordering. Bottled at the source in glass and never in plastic, 1 WATER is as fresh served in your home as it is directly from the spring itself.
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"The best tasting spring water comes from a protected, free flowing spring and is treated as little as possible during the bottling process"



Over thousands of years, a rare gravel esker slowly developed from the ancient Canadian glaciers above, creating a perfect natural filter for the spring to flow. As the spring flows through this unique esker, it produces water that naturally contains the perfect balance of electrolytes, minerals and the ideal pH level of 7.7. This extraordinary water springs from a private source, surrounded by idyllic land protected by the Canadian Government. You can enjoy 1 WATER Ultra Premium Canadian Spring Water with confidence, knowing that no industry or farming has been near or around it. Access to this outstanding, incredibly hydrating water was unavailable until now.
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The Science

1 WATER is a pure spring water that contains essential elements, through the natural processes of nature, in concentrations that are not too high or too low, and with a pH that is neither too acidic or too alkaline. In other words, nature‚Äôs perfect beverage.
"Meets or exceeds all of the requirements to be the ideal water."

FREDERICK A. MICHAEL, Ph.D., Professional Geoscientist, Ontario Canada.


Community Impact

A portion of our proceeds is donated to The Trail Foundation to support their mission to protect, enhance & connect the Butler Trail along Lady Bird Lake for the benefit of all Austinites.
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